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This year task — CodeSide

Write an artificial intelligence to control a team of units, compete with other participants in the championship!

Detailed description of the task can be found in “CodeSide” championship and Rules sections.

Let's register! Quick start

AI Cup — open artificial intelligence programming contest. Test yourself writing a game strategy! It’s simple, clear and fun!

Eighth AI Cup championship is named CodeSide. You are to program an artificial intelligence to control a team of units. Your strategies will compete with each other in the Sandbox and the championship. You can use any of programming languages: C++, C#, F#, D, Go, Java, Kotlin, Scala, Python, Ruby, Rust. The Sandbox is already open. Good luck!

We welcome both novice programmers — students and pupils, as well as professionals. Writing your own strategy is very simple: basic programming skills are enough.

Championship schedule

  • Sandbox: open for everyone from November 27; until December 7 will be beta-testing, system instability and significant changes in the rules are possible during this period.
  • Round 1: December 14-15.
  • Round 2: December 21-22.
  • Finals: December 28-30.

Begin from the Quick start guide. Writing a simple strategy is not hard at all!


Prizes aren't available

Championship News


The end of beta

So, the beta test came to an end. A lot of improvements and bugfixes have been made in this time. Latest updates:

  • Decreased max game time to 3600 ticks
  • Slightly decreased max spread for weapons
  • Increased aim speed for rocket launcher
  • Mines can now be exploded with bullets or explosions

Please re-download the latest version of language packs and various utilities. Please note that the complete rules of the game and language packs are also published on Github. There you will be able to track the changes and also to see a changelog.

We won’t make changes that could affect the behavior of the strategy in the game till the end of the championship. However, we will continue to fix known bugs, and we reserve the right to change the mechanics of the game beyond the rules if we deem these changes necessary.

The rating of all participants in the Sandbox has been reset.

Good luck in matches!


Local repeating games

The app has been updated once again. Now you can locally repeat games that were tested on the server.

To do so, download game log using the “local repeat” sidebar button. Then, use the app to connect your strategy and repeat the game. In repeat mode, your strategy receives same information that it did when tested on the server. Actions returned by your strategy are ignored in this mode. You can use this mode for debugging. Debug rendering also works.

Other news: we have added JavaScript and .Net Core 3.1 support. Also, you can now specify “seed” in the game config json to play the game with same random number generation.


Updates in rules: manual weapon reloading


Today is the day of breaking change in the rules: you can now manually reload your weapon, auto reloading is disabled.

Download new version of the rules, the app and language pack.

Note, that all changes that we make are also available in changelog on GitHub.


New programming languages (and other things)

Good news, new language packages are available: Scala and F#.

JavaScript will be added soon. We also have plans to add Lua, Haskell. It’s possible to add other languages. If you want your language to be added, and can help with creating the language package, you can send pull request to the GitHub repository, so that we add it faster.

One more little change: amount of score points given for killing opponent’s unit is increased to 1000.


Updates: day 3 of beta-test

Good evening!

Today we had a couple of updates to the app and language packs, including a fix of debug rendering flickering, as well as new custom rendering feature: PlacedText. API Section of the rules has been updated accordingly.

Also some fixes have been applied to the testing system, so it should be little more happy with your submissions.

Remember, if you upload a zip, you need to structure it same way as initial client code — submit all files, with root of the zip containing project files (root should not contain a directory with all the files, but all the files directly).

Have a good weekend!


Sandbox start

So, Sandbox has launched, and it means that you can now play against other participants.

Many bugs were fixed since start of beta-test. New version of the app is available.

If you encounter any problem, leave an issue in GitHub repository

Good luck in battles!


Start of beta-test

Hello everyone!

AI Cup 2019 has finally started, but in beta-test for now. Testing system is unavailable yet, but you can already read the rules / run games locally as well as start implementing your strategy. Testing system and Sandbox will be started tomorrow.

If you come upon any issue, use our GitHub repository

Latest games of leaders
# Name Rating
1 T1024 T1024 3602
2 Hohol Hohol 3475
3 dgrachev28 dgrachev28 3423
4 Opera Opera 3378
5 ud1 ud1 3365
6 DeROvI DeROvI 3325
7 Totoro Totoro 3292
8 SeeSoftware SeeSoftware 3292
9 RolloTomasi RolloTomasi 3290
10 pkhaustov pkhaustov 3282