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This competition gives you an opportunity to test your programming skills, by creating an artificial intelligence (strategy) controlling a team of robots in a special world (you can learn about details of the CodeBall 2018 world in later sections). In different stages of the contest your team will consist of 2 or 3 robots, and using nitro may or may not be available. All robots have same parameters and are spheres, initial location is guaranteed to be symmetrical. There is also a ball in the game.

In each game you are to compete against another player’s strategy. You team’s goal — is to score the ball into opponent’s net and defend your own. Team who has scored most goals is the winner. Game can also be tied if both teams scored same number of goals.

In Round 1 you will learn the rules of the game and master the control of the robots. You are given 2 robots, same as your opponent. The task is — score goals! It’s simple. Round 1, as all further stages, consists of two parts, between which there will be a short break (with the renewal of the Sandbox work), which allows to improve its strategy. The last strategy sent by the player before the beginning of this part is selected for the games in each part. Games are conducted in waves. In each wave, each player participates exactly in one game. The number of waves in each part is determined by the capabilities of the testing system, but it is guaranteed that it will not be less than ten. 300 highest rated participants will be held in Round 2. Also in Round 2 there will be an additional selection of 60 participants with the highest rating in the Sandbox (at the moment of Round 2 beginning) among those who did not passed according to the results of Round 1.

In Round 2 you have to improve your robot’s skills. Now they can use nitro. Also, nitro packs spawn on the map that refill robot’s nitro. The task is further complicated that after summarizing the Round 1, the part of the weak strategies will be eliminated and you will have to confront stronger opponents. According to the results of Round 2 of the best 50 strategies will reach the Finals. Also in the Finals there will be an additional selection of 10 participants with the highest rating in the Sandbox (at the beginning of the Finals) from those who did not go through the main tournament.

Finals is the most important stage. After the selection, held following the results of the first two stages, the strongest participants will be remained. Also, not each team has 3 robots. The system of holding the Finals has its own peculiarities. The stage is still divided into two parts, but they will no longer consist of waves. In each part of the stage, games will be played between all pairs of Finals participants. If the time and capabilities of the testing system permit, the operation will be repeated.